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Great Service

I used Shield Movers on May 3rd 2018 and I must share my experience with this company. I recently relocated to this area so I purchased all new furniture. I packed most of my stuff and wrapped it with that protection plastic. However, I got really tired for my back again to bother me and I just couldn’t finish. When Marlo and Chris came I explained that to them and the first thing they told me is that they are here to make this move easier for me so don’t worry. They covered the large pieces of furniture and TV to protect from any damages or scratches. They work diligently and fast. They also were professional and very friendly. Moving is a hassle and most times you will have some type of issue or problem; however, with Marlo and Chris I must admit that I did not have any issues at all. They were knowledgeable movers and they did a great job. In addditonal, I had to leave as they were unloading the truck at my new place for I was gone for a while. I left them with out any instructions where to put anything. When I returned, I noticed that the boxes that was marked with a location the guys place that box in the correct locations and setup my living furniture just as I would have. I will be recommending this company and in the future I will use again. Thank you again Marlo and Chris.


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