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Don’t take chances…insured, licensed Movers are here for you,

Shields Movers and Staffers, LLC
Text us at 864-509-9226

USDOT [3066127, MC number [MC058176]

Always verify! Just saying “licensed and insured” or “moving company” doesn’t make it true! You could be sued, scammed or lose all of your precious items by hiring the wrong service.

Before you waste time and money on a rental truck and labor crew, call Shields Movers And Staffers,LLC

Don’t get stood up on moving day! We get 5 to 10 per week from customers that hired bargain movers that never showed up!

Protect yourself and your move, hire professional, licensed and insured movers.

We provide our company truck with liftgate. Licensed and insured.

Wrapped and packed right

Looking for a quality, trusted moving company? Shields Movers And Staffers is a right fit for you!

3 thoughts on “Don’t take chances…insured, licensed Movers are here for you,”

  1. It is very important to take care of each and every thing like insurance license etc before hiring any moving agency. I liked the post and thanks for sharing the information and making people aware.

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